OK, for those of you who complain because the Moon is to Bright and that  Nature makes to much Noise - This is where I tell you to grow up.

Wildlife Cameras:

The Wildlife cameras are on PRIVATE PROPERTY and the Landowner is aware of my cameras and he/she gets to view them anytime they wish.  Location of each camera is known by the landowner and will NOT be disclosed out of Respect of the landowner and to prevent Trespassers and Poachers (We WILL prosecute if caught Poaching). 

Vehicle Dash Camera:

The Dash Camera MAY show the license plate of a vehicle.  If so, that is the way it is.  You see License Plates everyday, they are NOT private information.  If the video shows YOUR vehicle doing something stupid or illegal - DON'T DO something Stupid or Illegal and I won't be showing your Vehicle/plate as the Main Subject Matter.

Vehicles caught on video may or may NOT be the main focus of the video, if they are not the main focus, IGNORE THEM.   Your vehicle is seen by everyone as you drive.  I am not sharing classified secrets of your life.